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Something kept hidden for 6 years was actually changing lives

"I was shy to share behind the scenes what Dough Man Foods was about because I was wondering if other people would think they were silly... even though they were PROVEN to work over and over again".

So one of the coolest things we do is to plan surprises and gifts to delight the loved ones of our customers.
I know it sounds incredible, but I’m actually downplaying everything our products can help people do.
We were able to scale up our operations after we got into a partnership with some Ghanaian investors. We added new products and opened a couple of branches too. By and by sales dropped and eventually we had to shut down these new branches or halt production on certain product lines.
However, the celebrations and gift aspect of our business kept soaring day in day out. So we decided to shift focus and give this more attention.
When my dad lost all his businesses (I told you the wealth vanished; here’s the story) in my early years, we never had family come to support or console. In fact it was family that were the cause of our misery. The extended family took everything on the basis that doesn’t make sense.
However, friends and people that my dad had helped in the past did come through for us. Their care and support did make a huge difference. I knew from those days that showing care will always pay back even if not from the same recipient. It always does come around.
(Call it karma or sowing and reaping, it happens)
Because of that I realized we had to STOP seeing ourselves as product (or doughnut) creators who knew how to make delicious pastries and had to reimagine ourselves as in a relationship or lifestyle business of a sort.
We’d been doing it all along, but we’d never SEEN ourselves as doing it.
And, I’ll admit, there were a few sleepless nights and some battles with “imposter syndrome” even though I had PROOF  of what I was doing.
But, once we fully embraced our new role as enriching lives and strengthening relationships, life started to change and there was a major shift in the our world… especially when I released our first magazine. (Whaoo? A doughnut magazine? Lol)
But you want to know why I really do what I do now? Because it changes people’s lives! When I get a review from someone that tells me how Dough Man Foods changed their relationships; we’re super motivated to keep going.
How they went from a stale relationship to fully bubbly, just living the life. It’s super amazing!
How their business was saved because of a box of delicacies they sent to a client. Unbelievable!
How they made DOUBLE what they made before just by using an age old strategy of buying Dough Man Foods’ products for their employees. Incredible!
That’s what keeps me going. To KNOW that I’m making a difference in the world… having an impact that reaches far beyond me!
What an amazing journey…
I’d love to hear from you about this. Are you struggling with sales in your business? Do you have an awesome idea, but can’t motivate your team to produce at the highest level? Did this message inspire you or wake something up inside you? I’d love to know!
Hit comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!
Hope you have a great day.

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