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Dough Man Origin Story

On a normal day six years ago, a young woman stopped by a small shop down the street to purchase a dozen doughnuts for her boyfriend. It was his birthday, and he had often spoken about how he wished there was a doughnut shop close to their home because they had been his very favorite treat as a child.

Her boyfriend, Francis, was so overjoyed that Karen went back the next day to bring him some more. Unfortunately, the shop was closed. So, she waited and tried again the following day. Still, a ‘closed’ sign hung on the entrance. She tried a third day.

She had no success, but did learn that it had shut down permanently. Disappointed, the woman returned home to tell Francis the news.

People don’t buy when we produce more. So we make just enough for the day.

Karen was told

Francis was distraught. He’d finally, after so many years, been able to experience the soft, flaky, sweet pastry that brought images of childhood and happiness into his mind. And just as soon as he’d gotten a taste of the joy that the delicious doughnuts brought him, it was snatched away again.

Francis thought about those doughnuts for days – until it hit him. He would no longer wait to happen upon the golden treats. He would create his own. In fact, he thought, why be greedy? He wanted his entire community to experience the joy and nostalgia that he did when he bit into a doughnut.And that’s how, Dough Man Foods was born.

Bite into happiness today!

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