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Luxury Assorted : Mix of Sweet and Savoury

The Dough Man Foods story dates 3 years ago and it was built on the premise of more than money and profit. It’s more than the average startup with clearly defined goals, but rather, a cohesive narrative that lies right at the heart the company: QUALITY, RELIABILITY and CONVENIENCE.
These three words influence every aspect of how we do our business. It is the driver to our service, and that establishes why we do what we do.

We exist to offer convenience. Thus the Luxury Assorted Category was birthed. Our mantra to provide convenience for our customers pushes us to go beyond proven limits to offer that extra service, whilst providing quality products, with great reliability

Luxury Assorted

This category is a blend of both sweet and savoury foods that helps celebrate life’s moments, the Dough Man way. Initially, it was just doughnuts, and we got creative with either writing on them or moulding them. Beyond the customisation, we present Dough Burgers, Samosa, Spring Rolls and Muffins, as part of the menu offering.

Dough Burgers are either have beef or chicken with cheese and veggies. With a little extra cash, you can get the double filling too.

Samosa has minced meat with vegetables and Spring Rolls have only vegetables. Muffins are either chocolate or plain.


Also on offer are the solely one-type products, which also come with package prices. These are suitable for events, parties, celebrations or even board meetings.

The Luxury assorted is only available in our East Legon shop for pickup or delivery. It will be available in Achimota in the 2nd week of December, 2019.