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A Blessed Good Friday

Hi Fam! 🍩🎉

Dough man Foods

wishes you

a blessed Good Friday.

May your day be filled

with sweet moments

and meaningful reflections .

Jessica Here.

For today’s post,

I am sharing a heartwarming story.

One that reminds us of

the power of kindness and gratitude 🙏

A few months ago,

something happened

And that made me realize that

“some good still exists”

in this world.

Picture this:

I was on my way

to work

traveling from Spintex to Tesano

through Lapaz.

Just as I got off the


disaster struck –

my dress got torn! 😔

Panic set in,

and I didn’t know what to do.

Should I call my boss and take the day off?


should I find a vendor

and buy something to wear?

To make matters worse,

I didn’t have enough money

and there was an important meeting

scheduled that day.

I felt like crying 🥹

Actually, I cried.

But then, out of nowhere, help arrived.

There was a kind woman

running a small provision shop nearby,

and she had noticed my predicament.

She called me into her shop,

assessed the damage

then gave me a cloth to cover up.

With a needle and thread

from her shop,

she skillfully fixed my dress

and helped me get ready again

for the day.

The best part?

She refused to accept any money for her kindness.

I expressed my gratitude,

but unfortunately,

I never went back

just to say hi or thank her properly.

Life got busy

and I kept procrastinating until I changed jobs.

Then yesterday,

I had to run some errands around Lapaz

then thought it was finally time

to visit the woman’s shop

and show my appreciation.

But to my surprise,

her shop was no longer there.

I felt a deep sense of shame and regret.

How could I ?

I had all that time

yet never did go back

to show my appreciation ?

Now It was too late.

Thing is,

I’m sure many of us

can relate to this feeling.

We all have someone in our lives

who was there for us

when we needed most,

but somehow,

we’ve forgotten about them.

Well, it’s time to change that natrative.

Pick up the phone.

Call them.

send a message.

or even better, pay them a visit.

Let them know

that you haven’t forgotten

what they did for you

and that their kindness still means the world to you.

PS: These days,

genuine and caring people

are hard to come by,

so let’s cherish the few left.

And oh,

while you’re at it

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“spread the love and gratitude”

Make someone’s day a little brighter today🍽️😋

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